Data Liberation in Hospitality

Understanding Data Liberation

Data Liberation is a principle by which software companies allow their customers to access their data without any hindrance at any point of time.

This access to the data can be via an API or it can be a simple data download.

This empowers the customers as this allows them to have complete control and access over their data which can further be used to make critical business decisions.

This also ensures that they are not tied down to any particular vendor by force.

Current Scenario

In the current scenario data liberation is not a serious topic of discussion in the hospitality industry. Hotels use hotel management software for years and the data generated in that period remains stuck in the database.

There is absolutely no way for organizations to fetch the data out for any purpose. This also greatly restricts the scenarios in which the data can be used to make critical decisions and also ties down the hotel with a particular vendor.

A 2008 survey conducted by Monash University, Australia suggests that a large gap exists between what managers believe is important and what guests say is important in choosing a hotel.

What Data Can Do?

For any business let alone hotels data generated by various systems is the most important asset. If decoded it can gauge and quantify hotel’s business in the past and help hoteliers strategize for the future.

Following are some of the ways in which the data accumulated in your hotel management software can be used to benefit the business.

  • The types of customers staying in the hotel
  • Complaints and issues that customers face during their stay
  • Guests’ buying pattern and facilities or services that guests use
  • Guest segmentation for further up-selling

What Hotels Can Do About It?

Your hotel management software vendor should provide provisions for you to both migrate the data into the software and also to migrate the data out of the software.

This will ensure that you will not be stuck with the same vendor for the sake of data and also will allow you to use the data for various kinds of analysis.

If your vendor does not support data liberation then please see if you can negotiate and include this as part of your buying or renewal process. This might be easier for bigger brands and might be difficult for smaller brands.

As a worst case scenario if your hotel management software doesn’t support data liberation please check if they at the least offer APIs to integrate with third party applications. This could be very useful from a business perspective.


To conclude if your hotel management software does not support data liberation and does not offer APIs to integrate with third party applications then it might be time for you to look for an alternative solution because in the current market with cut throat competition you as a hotelier might lose a lot than gain by sticking with a software that neither supports data liberation nor provides APIs for third party integrations.