10 Reasons why you should choose Geeservice for your hotel

Geeservice is the new hotel management software (HMS) in the market.

A little background

We launched Geedesk in 2017 and since then we have been working with various hotels and we strongly felt that the HMS that hotels are using were all built at least 10 to 15 years ago and they failed to solve business requirements of the 21st century.

Hence we set out to build a new hotel management software from scratch that met the complex business requirements of the 21st century while also accomplishing all tasks that the legacy hotel management systems did. We wanted the resultant product to be an easy to use yet powerful HMS software and the outcome was the birth of Geeservice.

So having said that, without much adieu let’s look at the top 10 reasons on why hotels should choose Geeservice.

1. Good customer service

Offering good customer service has been our strong point since the day we launched Geedesk. We believe that offering good customer service is not optional but an integral part of our long term success.

We have four channels for customer service and this includes Live chat support, phone and email. Customer complaints raised via these channels have a clear and transparent service level agreement (SLA).

Our customer service team is also trained to understand new feature requirement requests from customers which is then passed on to the engineering team.

2. Built to run on cloud and on-premise

When we sat down to build Geeservice we decided that the software should be able to work on all versions of the cloud and also as an on-premise application.

Having made this decision at a very early stage we were able to design and architect Geeservice to accommodate this decision.

This means that our customers can choose to use Geeservice on the cloud or on-premise and migrate between them at any time.

In addition to that customers can also opt for hybrid cloud models or also run their own cloud servers to which only they have access. Geeservice is versatile enough to adapt to any operating environment.

Not just that customers can choose to keep certain modules on-premise and others on the cloud. For example, the front office and housekeeping modules can be on-premise and the point of sales etc can be on the cloud and both these modules will be seamlessly integrated with one another.

3. One software for all aspects of hotel management

From day one Geeservice has all the features and all the modules that are required to run a hotel successfully.

Geeservice includes all the modules right from front office and housekeeping to point of sales, inventory management (stores), purchase management, banquet, food costing and contact-less check-in etc.

These modules are built to run as standalone applications and also as an integral part of Geeservice.

A full list of modules can be found on our website.

4. Independent of the operating system installed

Geeservice is a web based hotel management software. Which means it just needs a browser to run and is independent of the hardware or the operating system installed on the user computer or the mobile device.

The performance of Geeservice is the same if you’re on a windows computer or an Apple macbook, android tablet or any such devices.

This ensures that hotels are not under any pressure to upgrade their systems or acquire a particular version of the operating system.

This freedom from a defined platform paves way for hotels to adopt open source operating systems like Linux.

5. Integration friendly

Integration has always been a grey area for hotels and most of the time the hotels’ IT teams will have to mount immense pressure on the HMS provider to make an API available for integration.

Oftentimes the API provided by the HMS provider is either broken or you end up having multiple software applications in your hotel that all work in their own silos. They serve the purpose but what the hotel lacks is a comprehensive report aka 360 degree view. Integrating all of these applications will not be possible without the HMS provider willing to do that.

On the other hand with Geeservice integrating with third party applications will be seamless. We have APIs for almost all known integration requirements. In addition to that we build APIs in case of a new business requirement. So at last you can have a HMS which can be seamlessly integrated with other third party applications.

6. Management Dashboard

Geeservice Suite comes with a management dashboard. Management Dashboard is a simple application that can be accessed via a computer or any other device and it provides all important metrics of the hotel from a management perspective.

So gone are the days where the management used to endlessly wait for the teams to send them reports in a spreadsheet attached to an email which the management needed to download and then consume it and then take vital decisions.

On the contrary, with the management dashboard in Geeservice, the management can just login and view all the reports in real time.

7. Mobile-first software

Geeservice was built as a mobile-first software, which means that Geeservice can be accessed from anywhere (if required can be controlled for certain users) and any device.

This offers absolute freedom to our customers who need not depend on a physical location or a particular device to access critical information.

Imagine the chef or the sous chef accessing the recipes from their smartphone or tablet, the kitchen accessing the KOTs on an iPad or any touchscreen device and the management accessing all critical information from their smartphones. Well it’s all possible with Geeservice.

8. Simple pricing

Geeservice has simple pricing and we do not bind our customers with an enterprise agreement. Our pricing is simple and straightforward. We work with our customers as consultants and work out a pricing structure that is right for the customer with all the modules that their business needs.

Geeservice also offers the freedom to choose any modules that the customer wants. We do not force the customer to purchase a particular module or any minimum quantity of modules.

Customers can choose what they need and leave the other modules out and price would be calculated accordingly.

9. Testing profile

Testing profile is very important in a HMS. It helps staff test new features and modifications without affecting the hotel data.

Every Geeservice customer gets a test profile with all chosen modules and features. The test profile can be used for all testing purposes like third party integration testing and new staff training etc.

The best part is the test profile is not additionally charged.

10. Data Liberation

Hotels and other similar businesses have often lost control over the data while adopting a new HMS provider.

The intellectual property of a hotel is not the HMS itself but the data generated by the staff by using the HMS. This data is a treasure trove of information and data points which can be used for plotting business strategies and to acquire in-depth knowledge about the guests and how they interact with the hotel.

However with legacy HMS in place, hotels do not have a clarity on what will happen to the data after the hotel decides to not use the HMS or migrate to a different service provider.

In a nutshell the hotel could possibly loose all historic data after the cancel the contract with the HMS provider.

On the other hand Geeservice has a very clear set policy around data liberation and this policy can be summarized in just two sentences which is described below.

“The data belongs to our customers and we are just the custodians of the data. In the case of the customer ending the subscription of Geeservice we will hand over all the data to the customer.”

Parting Words

We hope you found the article informative and if you are interested in knowing more about Geeservice and how it can help your hotel, then please feel free to get in touch with us.